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This I pray is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between you the reader and I, the writer of these words.  I am from the Southside of Chicago, born and bred with knowledge that was garnered through lessons conveyed from my elders, my peers, my teachers, my environment, my existence on this mudball being flung through space, where we are trapped by this thought called gravity. I eat chicken and watermelon in public.  I vote, pay my taxes, and have supported political candidates from both parties who I believe best represent me. I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, a PHA Mason, but more importantly a black man with soul and spirit.My poetry is reflective of my upbringing, on the edge, quietly intense, intellectual vigor, supported by an awareness that as my Uncle LeRoy taught me" a man can be no more than what he thinks" and baby I think alot !!! I do slam poetry, but I am a writer, a jazz and reggae lover, a member of the Hip-Hop culture, and the type of guy who believes tomorrow gives me another chance to correct today‚Äôs mistakes.

My Moms and Pops, Sylester T. and W. Bill, are part of my foundation, my sister Karen and brother Keyth are my legs, my belief in God is central, my cousins Sam and Dave are my right and left hands, Cynthia, Loretta (R.I.P.), John, and Hudson are in my corner, my mentors Alexis, Fern and Brian teach me, so I am equipped. I know you are wondering when you are going to see the poetry well open your mentals and get ready for entry to my cerebral galaxy, but before you do, check out what others think:

KA as a Kappa, Poet, Man:

As his fraternity brother, we share a bond that was established in 1911 and continues through thousands to this day. We share a passion for ACHIEVEMENT, and this volume of poetry will be one of many works of literature. It is the launch of a seminal talent that will light the world afire.

As a poet, KA strives to say things for their relevance and not just their meter. Therefore, footnotes to his pieces would be as long or as longer than his spoken or written word because he carefully researches everything he writes and says. His writing is for intellectual consumption and he infuses passion in his pentameter.

As a man, KA represents that there are good brothers in the world concerned about the world and his impact in it. He pens a frustration with racism, sexism, classism and formulates solutions that he presents in witty prose and meter. In this, he will ensure his legacy next to Henry Dumas, James Weldon Johnson and Langston Hughes.

Reginald L. Goodwin
Author: "Unemployed - A Memoir"
And "Sketches of My
Sunrise" (forthcoming autobiography)
"The soul that is within me, no man can degrade." Frederick Douglass

Like Dawn

I was reflecting sitting in the window trying to strike a pose like one of my favorite jazz artists when he was playing the trumpet looking out the window and chilling
I was reflecting sitting in the window trying to look determined like Malcolm X. with the gun and chilling
I was sitting in the window when I realized that me being me was cool and me being the object of her good intentions was cooler and the coolest thing was being able to appreciate her for herself
This lady was like the dawn; I could write some drivel about how she was the promise after a tumultuous night
Of how she was the birth of a brand new day, of how she was breath to a dying man, of how she was color on a tapestry of life
I could not play myself like that, so instead I related to her like the sun and moon does to dawn
Of how dawn is the juncture, the point in the cosmos that tells the night brother to say hello to the day sister, of the place where these two disparate kindred souls greet, give each other a transition report, explain their activities and merge
Of how the dawn is where if you ever doubted God existed watch the colors, the ones that could not be present without divine painting
Of the colors that explain everything and nothing
Watch the dawn and think of the promise of the morning
In gospel songs God rescues at dawn, in WWI movies we attack at dawn, in sports we run at dawn, when that hour comes we begin a new day
She represented all of this and then some, she amazed with her style and poise, and she promised another life cycle of renewal

So I called her Dawn

(All pieces by K.A. Williams)

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