K.A.Williams represents a new generation of teachers......

"The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshhold of your own mind." ----Kahlil Gibran

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Thanks K.A.

R. Sims



Urban Angel

I know who she is; she’s the one that Ben E. King wanted to stand by him

She is the one that the Jackson’s wanted back, the one the Drifters wanted to go under the boardwalk with

More importantly she is not the object of fantasy, she isn’t the subject of hyperbole, she is the one we read about in Essence hoping to catch a glimpse as she makes not power moves but subtle moves which have longer lasting effects

She isn’t the one singing the loudest in church, she isn’t the one bragging about possessions or exclusive spots, she isn’t the one playing the front because she got tired of laying on her back

She isn’t the one playing roles for which she was not bred but she makes the bread and consumes the role

See the sister is that urban angel and she walks among us

She does not always talk the strongest

But she got that thang that ain’t contained in a bottle

Can’t purchase it, can’t order it online, you gotta reach for her

Step to the plate and perform like the true man you are

Dig it, some sisters think making paper and acting high post is the answer, but saying you are humble does not mean you are humble

It means you got no humility in assigning titles to yourself deserved or not

Peep this I see these sisters telling how they don’t have a man and they are just dating but too often dating encompasses a meal thrown down your gullet later filled by a romp in the sack and you want me to call you a lady

Too often dating consists of a meal at a joint rated with stars but the only stars I know are in the heavens and if you ain’t eating at the table prepared by the Lord you can have that meal

But then here she comes, the urban angel, not in a hail of glory but hailed as a woman, meant to be held in my arms, never held emotionally hostage, never willfully helping to propel me on the road to hell

A woman, she is the one that soldiers longed to return home to, that woman that momma told you about not the one momma warned you about, the one that makes a so-called dime feel like a penny with a hole in it, the sister is my urban angel


 (all pieces by K.A. Williams)